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COVID-19 Update - 2 May 2020

Firstly, Gavin and I wish you all well. As we reach day 40 in lockdown we are starting to see other countries in Europe starting to emerge from the darkness so we can only hope that we are coming to the end of this nightmare.

This week we bulk purchased building materials to allow us to work straight away as and when we start taking orders again. We have an urgent installation of a reconditioned lift booked for Monday 11th so next week we will be in the office for a few days finishing preparing the lift for installation.

We have just ordered thermometers which will be arriving on Monday. As long as COVID-19 exists we will be taking our temperature before leaving home every day. We carry masks on the vans and wear them as and when required. We will carry personal hand sanitiser which we will be using at regular intervals throughout the day.

I dont think we could be any more prepared but we will be reviewing our procedures on a daily basis and adapt as required.

Take Care and Stay Safe

Kev and Gavin

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