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Home Lifts Increasing Property Value. Its a Myth!!

An advert on TV is claiming that having a home lift fitted to your home actually increases the value of your property.

Home lifts increasing the value of your home is a myth. The vast majority of home buyers are put off when they walk through the front door of a house and are confronted with a metal box travelling up 2 rails through a hole in the floor. Most people buying a home have no need for a lift, the expense that comes with maintaining it and the space it takes up in a room. You may find a person for whom it will benefit but the majority of house buyers see home lifts as a problem as they have no need for them.

Buy a lift because you need one, not because someone tells you it will increase the value of your property. It wont.

We have over 30 years experience. We know our market inside out.

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